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Solutions that fit your needs

Eclipse™ POS Solutions
GenPOS is the manufacturer for the Eclipse™ quality POS hardware solutions. The Eclipse™ brand is designed with performance, durability and affordability foremost in mind. The complete line-card of Eclipse™ POS solutions includes a wide variety of exceptional POS hardware products designed to respond to different industry needs. When you chose Eclipse™ (by GenPOS) POS Solutions, you make the logical choice for your POS hardware needs. Learn More About ECLIPSE

OEM PC Building
As recognized POS PC OEM System builder, GenPOS has the manufacturing capacity to produce a large number of PC and server systems, daily. Our Montreal workshop is designed to handle volume order and to produce OEM PC systems on large quantities.

Industrial, OEM/ODM
As a manufacturer, GenPOS also offers a variety of Industrial, OEM/ODM manufacturing options to suite specific needs where appropriate volume consideration can be established. We offer white-label, private-label manufacturing of POS hardware products as well.